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Tannus Tyres is a Korean company which makes tyres that never go flat so that all cyclists enjoy safer rides. It strives for technological development to relieve the inconvenience caused by punctures.                       

Applied with cutting edge Aither technology, Tannus Tyres never go flat and are made in diverse and clear colors. It is distinctly different from any of the anti-puncture tyres of the past and is secured with great driving function, comfort, lightness, safety and durability. The various colors are another result of the use of the advanced materials, and cyclists are able to enjoy the choice of colours that contrast with the mundane colours of most rubber tyres.                       
The goal of Tannus Tyres is to make changes to the world from a small aspect. In order to do this we are continuously challenging for technological innovation with great passion, and are moving ahead step by step. We believe that when small changes of the world gather as one, there would be significant progresses to the whole humanity and the environment we live in.

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